Monday, January 30, 2012

live colorfully

                  color block

Winter in Milwaukee is surprisingly warming up and thoughts of "P.O.C." for my summer collection of clothes have started to wander.  First things first, I need a new clutch that is colorful, bright, and will stand out with any outfit. I'm thinking that this aztec clutch will be one that I style my outfits clutch first! 

I definitely want this preppy clutch around as I plan spring break this year!

Kate Spade spreads the idea of living colorfully through the new ADORABLE musical chairs ad campaign, watch, watch, watch! 

Saturday, January 28, 2012

kitty's closet

My weekend has been filled with celebrating birthdays, movies, and playing dress up.  I got to play stylist while my friends prepared for rush week, so I was excited to raid closets and put together ensembles.  Good luck to my girls that are rushing and happy WEEKEND to everyone else!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Thursday, January 26, 2012

making a statement

Lately I've been all about bold, loud statement pieces to top off a casual outfit. In this photo, I mixed patterns, shapes, and colors to create an abstract look with the teardrop necklace.  I think it's important to even spice up the typical winter outfit (black on black on black) with a fun piece of jewelry or accessory. 
some necklaces that will do the trick:
pearl and cyrstal
I also have a new song of the month: "Mantra 333" by Aerovox. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

walls of inspiration

 It's always fun to keep an inspiration wall full of outfits, icons (i.e. beyonce, rachel bilson), and in my case, letters of inspiration.  My biggest treasure? I was lucky enough that Laney Crowell, a fashion icon who writes the amazing downtown romantic, emailed me back with advice. (of course this went right onto my wall.) Check it out- it's filled with adorable outfits, tunes, and tasty foods.  Currently, my roommate and I are indulging in some serious New Years Resolutions...therefore, the inspiration wall has been transforming into a pumped-up, intense board full of work out's and the after photos. 

desk cravings

 Reorganizing, decorating, and reuniting with friends are all a part of the new semester.  As I was unpacking, I decided to hang my bulky & long necklaces on my bulletin board behind my desk.  For the larger items, I used two pins to keep the necklaces symmetric.  It's a fun way to be inspired daily and to decorate a boring work area- happy spring semester! 
congrats Marquette freshman- we made it! 

Thursday, January 5, 2012






 i have reached a point of no return with the overflow in my closet. if you're interested in helping a woman out, i'm going to be hosting a mini-sale on Friday at 11:30-on and Saturday from 10-on with lots of dresses (i see you sorority formals), shirts, jeans, etc. since it's winter i'm having this in the front part of my house and all are welcome!! if you are interested in coming and need my address, email me at, message/comment, or simply come on in. 

karlie kloss for free people

 Karlie Kloss modeled for Free People's 2012 collection.  I love the laid back preppy look with an edgy twist.  I especially love the jean dress (must buy) along with the low back on the striped shirt. my favorite part? the dogs that resemble boo and every.single.shoe.shown.
Shop the collection here

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Coming from a persian family, I'm lucky to have lots of aunts that hold on to our heritage through jewelry and clothing articles.  So today, when I heard a loud banging on the front door (the typical fed-ex hit and run), I was curious as to why I was required to sign for the insured package. Sure enough, my Aunt Lisa had sent this beautiful necklace to me for Christmas that her and the sisters had received when they were younger.  I love the intricate chain and design with the beautiful pink stone.  It's the perfect length and now my most special piece. Thank you, Aunt Lisa! 

Sunday, January 1, 2012


 H&M crop top, tiffany's lock necklace, j.crew skirt (similar here), j.crew heels. and that adorable bruise

2011 was filled with amazing memories, friendships, and new beginnings. I feel lucky to have  great memories through theatre, new friendships, the transition to college that ended with great advice, midnight kissies, and sparkly skirts. My new years resolutions? having a closet makeover. watching my oreo intake (haha, yeah right.) hitting up the library more often. and keeping in touch better with friends and family (aka I need to learn how to use my phone). 
from senior year, graduation, summer, summer in a DORM, meeting new friends, and starting this blog- thank you for all those who have been there for the ride. 
heres to having the best year ever!