Wednesday, February 29, 2012

wake-up call

(dress: forever 21, fur vest: topshop, booties: target)

Everyone needs a go-to dress, especially in college.  With busy schedules and little-to-no sleep, it's important to have an outfit you can always rely on when you're on your way out the door. 

what to do in rush? A dress that's comfortable (hence the loose fit of this one), simple, and doesn't require accessories and a belt. The less things to look for, the better!
transform to nighttime: I ditched the brown boots and brought in my new, handy-dandy booties.  Instead of the heavy north-face, I traded it in for a fun fur vest

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

cherish these times

Deborah Lloyd, creative director for Kate Spade, traveled to Africa and is collaborating and researching a new line to help hundreds of woman on a road to a better life.
"a business partnership with a philanthropic twist"
i took this photo from a frame, excuse the glare.
Yesterday I was reminded the importance of finding the beauty and love in everything.  After dining at Watts Tea Room, my mom and I headed to see my Great-Grandmother.  Although she doesn't remember us, it is important to cherish these times with her.  Right when we walked in, we gave her a warm welcome and she suggested we sat down next to her.  A few minutes later, she took my hand and intertwined our fingers- something that hasn't happened since this photo was taken when I was young.

Today, a friend remarked that we should should ask ourselves how or what we can do to help our community, family, and friends.  Whether it's volunteering once a week or even promising to cherish and visit family members consistently, let's follow Deborah Lloyd's lead and make a difference this year!

for better viewing of the article click here!
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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

tastes of milwaukee

One of the best things about going to school close to home, besides the easy access to free laundry, is that my mother loves to take me out to lunch.  My mom and I went back in time to Watts Tea Room, her favorite childhood restaurant my great-grandmother would take her to.  We enjoyed delicious chicken salad sandwiches and an amazing chocolate coconut torte.  Milwaukee ladies, I recommend bringing your mother here for a cute, inexpensive, bonding experience.  
 afternoon tea starts at two p.m.
 fyi: this cake was bigger at one point.
gorgeous place setting that a bride-to-be had on their gift registry.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

get the look

Throw on a simple crew-neck sweatshirt and a statement necklace with flats and you're the next Audrey Hepburn.  Whether you're running errands or serenading in an exit stairwell, you'll look glamourous doing it.


Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Over the past couple of years I've fallen in love.  I fell in love with fashion, new york city, salted caramel mochas, designers, california, and blogging.  Of course I've always loved my family, friends, and the boo...but the true love affair was finding my passion for something I want to do for the rest of my life.  So on Valentine's Day morning, it was fitting to wake up early for the Tory Burch fashion show live on her website, with a donut of course, followed by a Q&A with the lady herself.  What was your favorite ensemble in the show?
For my fellow college students, I know we cannot simply splurge on a cute Tory Burch I found a similar top: American Apparel 3-D flower sweater, here
 Where were you in my prom days?
bottoms = hand painted leather
 Embellished tops will be all the rage again not only this upcoming fall, but this summer. Check out this adorable top, here!
I have my eye on a similar jacket, in beige, here.
(images: here)
To check out the entire collection, click here. Also, don't forget to check out my Valentines Day post here and the new listening section with the soundtrack to the show!
Lastly, Marquette Students should check out "Marquee Entertainment." They, along with the help of my wonderful friends, threw me an amazing birthday to remember (seen here) and do events every. single. weekend.
 Happy Wednesday everyone! 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Live in Love with Boyish Chic

Hey ladies & gents! I’m Jillian over from Boyish Chic. 


I post about my daily musings & personal style, which is feminine with a boyish edge. I also have my own little start up company, my Remedy, that is dedicated to encouraging living in love. I design eco-friendly printed apparel, hand-crafted jewelry & graphic design. I believe that we can all have a good time & still be doing good for our world. That’s what I’ve set out to illustrate with my company.

© Jillian Pfund // my Remedy, LLC

I’m very happy to be blogging for Catherine today. Thanks for having me, girl!

It’s February 13, which means…. It’s GALentine’s (or GUYentine’s) Day! Parks & Recreation, anyone? Well, in case you don’t watch the show, you should know that that’s what today is; a day to celebrate & cherish your friends. Valentine’s Day is meant to celebrate your significant other, but I agree with Parks & Rec: there should be a day dedicated to showing your friends love. Personally, I believe that everyday should be a day where you show your friends, family, significant others, pets love… but this day is a nice reminder to do so.

SO! I thought it would be fun to share a few ideas about DIY projects you could create to share your love with your loved ones. You could also buy a little gift for your friends, which would be lovely too! I just like the idea of handmade gifts because it has a piece of you within it. This year, I made some sugar cookies that look like candy hearts, inspired by Cupcakes & Cashmere’s post here. I blasted music, danced around & decorated cookies for my girls & it was crazy fun... and really simple! You can even use a cookie mix. I made the icing myself using powdered sugar & lemon juice, mixed with food coloring. I think they came out pretty sweet :] This is, of course, a gift you could also give to your guys friends. Who doesn't love dessert?! (New Girl, anyone? Hahah.)

© Jillian Pfund // Boyish Chic
The lovely blog, Wonderforest, posted two files that you can download & print out to put in a frame. This would make a lovely gift. It’s always a sweet idea to make one yourself. Collage using magazines or photos you’ve taken before to make your own message like “Live in Love,” “Friends are family that you choose,” or of an inside joke between you & your friends. 

Another awesome, retro DIY gift is... the effervescent friendship bracelet. You can rock 'em with your metal bracelets & cuffs for a boyish chic look. Friendship bracelets are always a hit because they're meaningful & nostalgic - for a guy or girl.

And, just for something fun for you to do with your girlfriends, check out The Beauty Department’s sweet DIY, temporary hair treatment. It's like dip-dying your hair without the commitment of keeping it. Plus, it looks like fun to rock! Check here for the how-to.

Thanks so much for having me today. Please stop by my shop & blog to say hi! I'd love to hear from you. Now go share the love & celebrate your loved ones!

Live in love today & everyday,
xx. Jillian

You can also go check out my guest post on Boyish Chic here.  

Sunday, February 12, 2012


In honor of Valentines Day, "Love you Forever" by Ryan Huston is coming out of the vault for this month's listenings.

Have an enjoyable Valentines Day and thank you so much for reading!


p.s. two great last minute ideas for a sweet valentines day gift 
for the boo: show the love with a card
for your girlfriends: getting lucky with love

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

inspiration of the moment


Loulou de la Falaise (1948-2011) left an extravagant mark on this world with her beautiful designs, colorful accessories, and collaboration with Yves Saint Laurent.  Always stepping outside the box, Falaise led the way with intricate accessories. She never failed to incorporate a vast amount of drama through color, shapes, materials, and fabrics.  If there is one woman to thank for the exciting costume jewelry existing today- it would be Loulou.

in regards to her style: "I would say I was a tomboy gypsy."

Loulou de la Falaise design's lived on to inspire trends today.  Hudson recently dedicated a colorful, trendy jean that is bright during the day, but once the clock strikes midnight- turns sassy with a neon strip. check them out here

Thank you for keeping color alive Loulou!


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

you say it's your birthday


Thanks to my wonderful family and friends, I had a packed-full weekend of birthday surprises, goodies, and fun gifts.  I couldn't of asked for a better way to ring in my nineteenth year, thank you everyone! 

top, skirt, heels, necklace, 

I opted for a simple black top, sequin skirt, and black pumps for the big night.  I used a bright ring and bracelet for the much-needed pop of color that wasn't achieved with a gold neckline.  For my makeup, I used a darker palette on the lid with liquid eyeliner for insured stay all night!

a special shout out to the boo for making everything happen, thank you for an [extra] special birthday!

Lastly, I made a facebook page to inform you all on new posts and information! It's also an easier (and faster) way for me to answer questions!  see my facebook page HERE HERE HERE!  

Sunday, February 5, 2012


I recently scored this amazing kimono-inspired sweater from urban (on sale) and haven't stopped wearing it since.  I've been craving a more relaxed sweater for my closet and this velvet, trimmed beauty is one I'll be pairing with every possible outfit. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

if the shoe fits, buy it in every color

Surprisingly I fell in love with the steve madden boots, which will be the perfect fit with a flowy dress this summer. 

The Lanvin's were thrown on there for dreaming purposes only. 

5 & 6. target

The oxfords are currently at the top of my heels list- especially with the laces. 

With spring on it's way, there are a TON of shoes going on sale recently. I'm ecstatic that Tory Burch decided to mark down two of the shoes from a previous post (here) right in time for my birthday. Happy Shopping!