Tuesday, February 21, 2012

tastes of milwaukee

One of the best things about going to school close to home, besides the easy access to free laundry, is that my mother loves to take me out to lunch.  My mom and I went back in time to Watts Tea Room, her favorite childhood restaurant my great-grandmother would take her to.  We enjoyed delicious chicken salad sandwiches and an amazing chocolate coconut torte.  Milwaukee ladies, I recommend bringing your mother here for a cute, inexpensive, bonding experience.  
 afternoon tea starts at two p.m.
 fyi: this cake was bigger at one point.
gorgeous place setting that a bride-to-be had on their gift registry.


  1. THis place looks adorable! I love little tea rooms, they have so much character. Loving your blog.

    Keep in touch.

    Eau de Violet

  2. All of this food looks so good!! High noon tea get togethers are the best!! Stop by and tell me what you think of my latest!


  3. Watts is wonderful. The tea room serves delicious food and the portions are not small. You will notice a number of men among ladies who lunch.

    New York Grandma

  4. Hey sweetie!
    I discovered your blog while peeking at others and I am totally hooked by it - beautiful, well organised, interesting...qualities I certainly associate to your character! I would like to invite yhou to visit my blog as well and maybe you'll follow if it pleases you. I'm already following yours!

    wish you the best

  5. Ahh I loved that too!! I live about 15 minutes away from Rutgers University, where I went, and it was so nice to go out and eat real food, for free =P The dessert looks to-die-for!

    Great Pics and Blog

    =) Newest follower!


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