Wednesday, February 22, 2012

cherish these times

Deborah Lloyd, creative director for Kate Spade, traveled to Africa and is collaborating and researching a new line to help hundreds of woman on a road to a better life.
"a business partnership with a philanthropic twist"
i took this photo from a frame, excuse the glare.
Yesterday I was reminded the importance of finding the beauty and love in everything.  After dining at Watts Tea Room, my mom and I headed to see my Great-Grandmother.  Although she doesn't remember us, it is important to cherish these times with her.  Right when we walked in, we gave her a warm welcome and she suggested we sat down next to her.  A few minutes later, she took my hand and intertwined our fingers- something that hasn't happened since this photo was taken when I was young.

Today, a friend remarked that we should should ask ourselves how or what we can do to help our community, family, and friends.  Whether it's volunteering once a week or even promising to cherish and visit family members consistently, let's follow Deborah Lloyd's lead and make a difference this year!

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  1. Katie- What a wonderful post. It's just too bad that Grandma remembers little or nothing. She would be so proud of you.

    Your Grandma

  2. Such a cute post dear!
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