Tuesday, December 27, 2011

NYC: Fifth Avenue.

Louis Vuitton's windows blew me away. Obviously because of the colors and animal choice. Maybe I even love the bag. 

Saks Fifth Avenue of course was beautiful with little winter 'sets' in the windows.  They also had an awesome 3D light show that unfortunately, I missed.  

stores you can shop till you drop

Although fifth avenue is mostly filled with expensive and luxurious stores, there are always ways to get a little something from this infamous avenue.

Forever 21: Multiple levels of every collection Forever has ever offered allow you to explore everything from night wear to fun and cute dresses that you don't always have access to at their smaller stores located in local malls.  Also, they have an entire floor dedicated for menswear.  Even the most budgeted guy can't help but indulge in some t-shirts priced at ten dollars.

H&M: I seem to sometimes hate or love this shop, depending on how messy the store is or how weird some of the styles are.  Although, lately they have had adorable dresses and perfect sweaters for winter. I even was able to get the perfect gift for the boo, after two hours of 'are you sure, cat?,' the menswear pulled through for me this year.  I especially loved some of the cardigans, sweaters, and tops; here, here and here
Other regular mall shops located on 5th: The Gap, Abercrombie, Hollister, and Banana Republic. 

Mid-Ranged Clothing
these stores are priced with clothing going typically 50 dollars and up. 

Zara: Lately, Zara has had amazing jackets that are perfect for winter. The store's multi-level allows easy shopping with lots of space to move around (which can be an issue in some of these stores).  This isn't a store you pass up in NYC! Check out this fur jacket
P.S. They are having a major sale online:  www.zara.com 

Saks Fifth Avenue: I know, I know, most of the store has expensive clothing, jewelry, and handbags but there are ways around it.  On the first floor, it's filled with the typical department store but with more options. Downstairs is a makeup, sunglass, and perfume haven.  With every single cosmetic option, you are bound to buy a new product. Also, upstairs they have a level of cheaper (ish) clothing with luxurious sub-brands. aka: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Frye Sale boots, etc. They make sure to divide it so it's easy to shop without stumbling upon an item that's unaffordable. 

Juicy Couture: When most think of Juicy, they think of the cheesy velour bags that many middle schoolers purchased back in the day. Yes, I was one of them too. Yet now that Juicy is expanding, the clothing they sell is amazing and somewhat affordable.  Instead of track suits, Juicy is starting to sell the essentials; tanks, tees, coats (or here too), etc. 

Also, stop into the more luxurious stores such as Bergdorfs, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Bendls, and Tiffany's just to window shop in heaven!

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