Sunday, December 11, 2011

Secret Santa Picks!

This year, my friends and I decided to do a mini-secret santa.  I live a few blocks away from an Anthropologie and have always envied the mugs, so I decided to buy each one of them a mug and fill it up with one of their amazing smelling soaps.  Luckily enough, they all remembered my elephant obsession and I received an Elephant Bottle Stopper and a Elephant Pillow Pet.  Not only this, but they remembered to buy me oreos- truly great friends. 

Secret Santa Gift Ideas:

Williams Sonoma
Anthropologie Books
Forever 21
Urban Outfitters


  1. Awww! So cute of you girls to do this for each other. You must have some AMAZING friends who love you and each other immensely! Can't wait to see your pillow pet! Those are so cute and cuddly! Great blogging! You are truly great at this and obtain the ability to inspire others! Keep it up!

  2. that's the prettiest soap bar I've seen!

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