Sunday, March 25, 2012

when in rome

{anthropologie jacket, j.crew heels...and how beautiful is Kina's jacket? look at those buttons.}
Ciao! The past two weeks have been insane.  Today is dedicated to giving you a diary of what I've been up to, been wearing, and what I'm currently loving.
For my spring break, I headed across the pond to visit a dear friend of mine, Kristina.  She has been living there for a bit over six months, so I actually got to do as the Romans do--and trust me, it was unbelievable.
 On the first day of my visit to Roma, Kristina dropped me off right at the Colosseum.  I wandered the streets surrounding for hours and may or may not of downed a couple fantas and gelatos along the way.

These beautiful apartment buildings were right around the corner from the Colosseum and they are major.  Pops of color shouldn't just be limited to our wardrobes--it should be incorporated into our architecture as well. 

The last day Kristina and I fell asleep at one of the many beautiful beaches on the Mediterranean Sea.  If you're headed to Rome, make sure you take a train to this area. 
Lastly, the shopping was incredible.  I fell in love with two stores in particular; Niki Nika and Gente.  Niki Nika was full of skulls, neons, and studded jean shorts- aka I was dying.  It was a bit on the expensive side, but it inspired my purchases I got from another boutique.  Gente was every girl's dream of couture designers and beautiful shoes.  It's definitely a go-to shop for a serious fashionista.
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