Monday, March 5, 2012

spring break: europe

plane to europe
Board the long plane ride in your most comfortable attire, while rocking one piece of jewelry to stay fabulous as you land.  Mascara, lotion, a toothbrush, and cosmetic remover will help you stay and feel fresh as the hours pass by. Lastly, don't forget your phone (to play temple run, obviously), headphones, and magazines to keep preoccupied!

basics in europe
neon. basic white tee. bangles. flats. boots. heels. bag
While traveling abroad, it's hard to fit everything into one suitcase.  My advice? Pack the basic tops, shoes, and handbags then stack on the colorful jewelry.  This helps you pack more and have room for the ride home with all your new goodies!  P.S. Use an over-the-shoulder bag. With all your european adventures, you don't want to waste your time with an annoying purse!european outerwear
Have fun with a fur vest or cape during the warmer days or rock the trench coat when its rainy or cold.  My roommate recently found the perfect trench here- a packing must have.
european dresses

wildcat. jacquard. coral

Lastly, bring some funky dresses to rock during your nights on the town.  

Safe Travels!


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