Wednesday, May 23, 2012

home sweet manhattan

As I got ready for day two, I decided to bring out the infamous J.Crew Minnie pant.  To add some color, I contrasted an oversized sweater with a structured statement piece.  This green beauty was purchased at a boutique right around the corner from my apartment and I've been crazy about it ever since.  

Day two at my internship was absolutely amazing.  A shirtless (Cosmo) model held the door for me- (nothing on you- boo), I sat in on an amazing digital presentation (shirtless man and presentation may have been correlated), and jumped right into some new advertising projects.  Let's just say I'm obsessed and realizing this is truly the right field for me!
P.S. These are my new roomies and I'm absolutely in love with them (and their style)! 


  1. Catherine! I'm so happy you're loving New York! Give my regards to Broadway ;)

  2. Incredible! So so so so happy for you Catherine!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the necklace!!!


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