Saturday, November 26, 2011

instagraming around

 {awesome notebook found at J.Crew}

 {zara dress, francescas necklace, j.crew watch, and the disc charm beauty}

 {the holiday stroll I look forward to every year}

 This entire week has been so fabulous.  I've been reunited with my best friends {thats to you dayna, anna, kate, and annie} and with all the others I graduated with.  Not only that, but my Dad returned home for the awaiting Debutante Ball tonight.  Twenty four hours of travel time later, my Dad was picked up from the airport- uniform and all.  I hope you have all enjoyed your thanksgiving break as much as I have! I'm incredibly lucky and grateful to have my wonderful parents, family, and friends always supporting me...but most of all I'm thankful for the Huskers beating Iowa!  

Danielle's beautiful engagement ring...congratulations, welcome to the family! {As if you weren't already a part of it, we welcomed you 6 to 7 years ago!}


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