Monday, November 7, 2011

genre: country


(photos: mine x4, x3)
A couple weeks ago, I made a trip to the family farm in South Dakota.  I absolutely love going there to see my favorite country cousins, my lovely aunt and uncle, and of course- the cows.  Ever since I was a little girl I've spent vast amounts of time between the farms in Nebraska, Iowa, and South Dakota.  So yes, half of my iPod is filled with Country's latest hits.  (Don't worry dad, George Strait and Toby Keith included). Every trip, my favorite boots make an appearance. Frye is the ultimate Fashionista's country boot.  Over the past two years I've invested in a few pairs from this brand here and here. Although, lately I've been falling in love with this pair. I love the mixture of colors and the interesting design.  Frye is a great brand- so even when it takes a good two weeks to break in your boot...DO NOT GIVE UP!

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