Sunday, November 27, 2011

no shoes, JUST TIGHTS


As I was choosing my outfit out for the night, I realized that I had this dress in three different pattern variations.  I'm a stickler for keeping it simple- but I love making it stand out with color. I chose my handy-dandy red belt and paired it with earrings from Forever.  Feeling like a child, I love the feeling of lounging in just tights and a fun ensemble.  Don't you remember the days of running around refusing to leave your friend's {in my case, my grandparent's} home and put on your shoes?! That's how I've been feeling as I return to school and the unavoidable pile of homework...yet, my furry blanket and sex and the city is pulling me through. Enjoy the glimpse of my dorm room and happy three weeks till home!

j.crew belt, francesca's dress, forever earrings, j.crew watch

furry blanket

Dressing up in my dorm room feels like the size of Carrie's (beautiful) walk in closet. I think my roommate and I are due for a runway show in here. 


  1. Your dress is gorgeouss!! ++ LOVE that scene from SATC. xx

  2. hi girl, first of all; you're gorgeous! and about you're question. I assume you're naturaly a bit more tanned than me because you're also a brunette. I find that you would wear red lipstick very well! but go for a bright one rather than a dark one, 'cause that would only make your face 'darker and older'. As far as I can see from your accessoires, you can handle orange as well! I think you're a 'warm' type of girl, so the best thing to do for you is play around a bit with red and orange shades of lipstick. I think you'll find some that look great on you! Let me know, ok? xx


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