Tuesday, November 8, 2011



After a long weekend of relaxing at home, I was not only reunited with my mother but also with the surprises of all surprises- SCENT OF PEACE. I kid you not, this perfume is a long-lasting, beautiful smelling god-sent gift with a mixture of citrus, florals, and an undertone of a balanced woody-musky detente.  I've consistently worn this perfume for three years until I dropped a full bottle.  The awesome thing about Bond no. 9's perfumes is that they are all based on New York area landmarks (i.e. chelsea flowers, bryant park, chinatown).  Although on the pricy side, this small bottle will last me a full year- and I'm a hardcore perfume user. Do any of you have Bond No. 9 scents that you love? Thanks, Mom!


  1. the world should smell like star!


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